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GROWEL Conceptualizes, Designs, Manufactures, Supplies, and Installs customized Continuous Plating Plants to suit various processes.

Continuous plating systems are designed for high-speed operations, more specifically for plating of strips, wires, and tubes. They comprise of a complex material handling system in keeping with the plating requirements, in an extremely dynamic state of movement. Straight line configuration is made up of a shallow active tank through which singular or multiple strands of the workload is carried at a high speed with the specifically designed D.C. contact system. The pretreatment modules may consist of brush cleaning facilities typical to such processes. The entire conveying system must synchronize with the spooling drive which is often provided by the customer.


  • Zinc Plating of Wires and Tubes
  • Copper Plating of Strips and Wires
  • Nickel Plating of Strips, Wires
  • Tin Plating


Suitable for below mentioned processes:


  • Diverse experience – Supplying plating lines since 1965, 800+ plants commissioned
  • One stop solution – for all spares, consumables, and chemical requirements
  • ISO Certified 9001:2015 


Rack Plant

Large volume using multiple passes of production

Rack Plant

Enhanced Growel Automation Features

Rack Plant

Contemporary Material Handling System

Rack Plant

Integrated PLC controlled Fume Extraction System

Rack Plant

Comprehensive features for Man and Machine safety

Rack Plant

Extremely Maintenance-Friendly Design

Rack Plant

Designed to optimize Water Consumption


Automation is greatly preferred in bulk plating operations, predominantly for the following reasons:

  • Consistency
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Elimination of human error
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Regulated inputs
  • Effective control for production
  • Versatility and Traceability

Automation Features:

  • Load as you Like
  • Automatic current and temperature control as per process requirement.
  • Auto level and conductivity control
  • Auto dosing as per ampere-hour consumption/as per area processed
  • Production and event/alarm data recording
  • Online process monitoring
  • Event warning by SMS/Email
  • Voice Alarm
  • Bar Scanner for parts identification

Data Logging (SCADA) is an integral part of automation and has become a necessary tool for all plating plants. Growel’s sophisticated SCADA system with enhanced features are supplied with all its surface finishing plants. Data Logging helps in:

  • Online monitoring of status of Material Handling, Tanks and Equipment.
  • Generating an immediate alarm in case of abnormalities in the process conditions
  • Accurate control of process parameters like temperature, current etc.
  • Generation of reports for Day/Shift/Load wise production.
  • Recording of all errors and abnormalities.
  • Unlimited LAN access for control and monitoring of plant with multilevel password protection.
  • Generation of Trend screens for all process parameters in real time.
  • Maintaining alertness for all predefined mechanical, electrical, and chemical parameters.

Additional Features

Rack_Additional Features

Fume exhaust system

Rack_Additional Features

Dosing system

Rack_Additional Features

Metal recovery system

Rack_Additional Features

Effluent Treatment Plant

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