Growel Conceptualizes, Designs, Manufactures and Installs Electroplating Plants to serve a range of Electroplating Processes.

Electroplating is a surface finishing process based on the concept of electrolysis. This process involves depositing a thin layer of metal on the surface of the workpiece. Here, the Anode, which is the metal to be deposited, and Cathode, which is the work piece, are both placed in a solution called the electrolyte and a DC current is passed through it.

An Electroplating Plant essentially consist of a series of process tanks based on the process envisaged with a transfer system which enables the component to be electroplated by immersion in each tank for appropriate time and in the sequence necessary to produce the required finish. (Pre-treatment, Plating, Post- Treatment).

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Predominantly Electroplating application can be bifurcated into Industrial and Aesthetic applications.

Under Industrial applications, electroplating of metal is beneficial for: protection against corrosion, conductivity, reducing friction, increasing Hardness and wear resistance, etc.

Under Aesthetic application, various metals or combination of metals can be employed to provide a desired appearance to the finished product as per industrial norms.

Growel’s Turnkey Electroplating Solutions provide a complete system consisting of Tanks, Automated Transport Wagons for material handling and all the connected auxiliary equipments such as exhaust fan, scrubber, rectifiers, chillers, filters, air agitation units, control panels etc.


We supply Electroplating Plant setups for all the below mentioned types of processes:

Nickel Plating

Nickel is the most widely used electroplated deposit and its largest single application is as a decorative finish. Nickel deposit is usually followed by bright Chrome. This finish provides a combination of protection against corrosion, resistance to wear, tolerance to high temperature, and decorative appeal.

 Types of Nickel Plating:

• Semi-Bright Nickel

• Tri-Nickel

• Bright Nickel 

• Satin Nickel etc.

Electroless Nickel

It is dip process to impart high hardness and wear resistance and is applicable to aerospace, industrial and defense applications.

Zinc and Zinc Alloy Plating

Zinc plating provides an attractive and corrosion resistant finish. It is extensively used for finishing of iron and steel products. Zinc Plating has several advantages over Hot Dip Galvanising.

Zinc Plating plants offered by Growel are:

  • Acid Zinc
  • Alkaline Zinc


Zinc Alloy plating plants offered by Growel are:

  • Zinc Nickel
  • Alkaline Zinc Iron


Bright Chrome

The term Bright Chrome is used to describe a layer of Chrome deposited over nickel plated components. Bright Chrome is usually used for a decorative effect.

Hard Chrome

Hard Chrome Plating is widely used to produce hard, abrasion resistant surfaces. Hard Chrome deposits are thicker and are generally applied directly to the base metal with pre-etching. Usually used for plating Rollers, Hydraulic shafts, Shock Absorbers, and more.

Copper Plating

Copper plating serves a dual purpose, it may be plated as a bright or dull coating and is used for both decorative and industrial purpose. Owing to its unique colour, copper plating can be employed in a variety of decorative applications.

Copper plating plants supplied by Growel are based on:

• Cyanide Copper Plating
• Acid Copper Plating

Gold Plating

Gold Plating majorly has its application in decorative coating for use in jewellery, cutlery etc. For applications where wear resistance is required a thicker deposit of gold is used via a cyanide process. Gold plating is also employed by the electronics industry such as for PCB manufacturers, because of its unique properties.

Silver Plating

Silver plating can be achieved as a soft matte or hard bright coating depending on its decorative or functional applications. Owing to its decorative appearance silver plating is extensively used in ornamental, cutlery, and jewellery industry. Apart from the decorative applications silver plating is also employed for industrial applications due to its conductive properties, it finds its applications in switch gear components as well as in Aluminum.


Primarily Brass plating is applied for decorative applications. Electroplated Brass is used as a decorative finish on ferrous metals, tinplate and upon zinc base alloy. Electroplated plastics, used for bathroom fittings and furniture, are often brass plated to achieve an attractive finish.


Electroplated Tin, both dull and bright, is widely used as a protective coating on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Tin plating of busbar for electrical purpose is one of its chief application. Electroplated alloys of tin are often used in decorative and industrial applications. Acid Tin plating is done sometimes after Nickel and Copper plating.


Growel Offers plants for lead Tin plating with application like Tin plating.


Cadmium plating is a cyanide-based process and is usually deposited in matte and bright condition when an attractive appearance and corrosion resistance is required, respectively. Cadmium plating provided excellent protection to iron and steel. Its applications lie in Marine, Aerospace and Defense based equipment.

Plating on Plastics

This refers to plating on modern synthetic polymers such as ABS. Such polymer has high adhesion property. Electroplated plastics are strong and corrosion resistant and are used in various automobile application such as interior trims, handles, grilles, knobs etc. Process followed is Nickel Chrome with elaborate pre-treatment processes on ABS to make it conductive.

Growel Manufactures the following Electroplating Plants:


These types of plants are used to electroplate large and complex components.


Barrel plating offers a cost-effective means of plating high volumes of small components.


These are designed for high speed operations specifically for plating of strips, wires, & tubes.


Growel offers a combination of barrel and rack plating in a single flexible plant.


We design and supply Zinc Flake Coating machines as well as complete plants on a turnkey basis..


This is an ideal system for semi-automatic electroplating needs.


These are suitable for plating a considerable number of components with a similar finish.

We provide optimum cost of ownership with Quality and Performance