Growel Designs and Manufactures Capable Fume Scrubbers to treat Exhaust fumes with maximum efficiency.

Extracted exhaust fumes need to be scrubbed before they are discharged to the atmosphere, especially when they contain chromic or other concentrated acids. Discharge of such fumes, without treatment, directly into the atmosphere can be very harmful for the environment and can cause severe damage.

GROWEL’S Scrubbers are effective air pollution control devices used for removing acidic or alkali fumes from various industrial processes. These Scrubbers are easy to install and integrate in any new or an existing plant and run with minimum maintenance.


  • Available in varied capacities ranging from 5,000 CFM all the way up to 50,000CFM.
  • Different MoC available such as Polypropylene (PP), PVC+FRP etc. depending on the type of Fumes handled.


  • Fresh Water Inlet with Float Valve
  • Instantaneous Flow Motor
  • Inspection of Sight Glass
  • Manhole for PVC Fills Maintenance
  • Dry Run Protected Water Spray Pump
  • PLC Compatible
  • Port for pH Meter
  • Outlet with discharge to ETP
  • Compact and Proven Design with 300+ Installations


Optional features such as Electrical Control panel, pH control, Automatic liquid level control, can all be integrated into the Scrubber System.

We provide complete Fume Extraction system solution for Surface Finishing plants including lip and exhaust ducts.

We provide optimum cost of ownership with Quality and Performance