hot air dryer

Drying is an important step after plating or any other surface finishing process. To ensure stain free drying Growel manufactures two types of Dryers:

– Centrifugal Dryers
– Rack Dryers

Centrifugal Dryers

Growel manufactures centrifugal dryers which provide the most effective method for rapid drying of small components in bulk and is easily compatible with any plating line. Offered with enhanced safety and automation features Growel’s dryers are the most sophisticated ones available in the market today.

The components are placed in a removable perforated basket, and spun at high speed while hot air is drawn through the heaters. This operation helps remove the bulk of water and the hot air evaporates the remaining thin film to give a completely dry component.

The centrifugal dryer operation can be completely automated. The operation of loading the basket, drying and final unloading can all be controlled via an electronic program linked to the PLC.

Rack Dryers

Growel also manufactures Rack dryers which are beneficial for the final drying of processed rack components. These dryers can be easily incorporated into existing plants.

The material handling system is used to lower the rack into the dryer and hot air is internally circulated. Dryers are equipped with an automatic lid to reduce heat loss.


hot air dryer

VFD controlled Speed Regulation for Centrifugal Dryers

hot air dryer

Automatic Lid Opening

hot air dryer

PLC controlled Operation

hot air dryer

Compact Design

hot air dryer

Automatic Lid Interlocking


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