Growel conceptualises, designs, manufactures, and installs Phosphating Plants on a turnkey basis.

Phosphate conversion coating is a chemical treatment applied to steel parts that creates a thin adhering layer of zinc or manganese phosphates to achieve corrosion resistance, lubrication, or as a foundation for subsequent coatings.

Phosphate Coatings have a wide field of application in manufacturing industry, both as an aid to mechanical production operations and in surface finishing. Phosphate coating also finds its use in the Aerospace sector for components that require corrosion protection and reduction of wear.


The major applications for Phosphate treatments fall into the following four areas:

Pre treatment

Pre-treatment prior to Organic Coating: The Pre-treatment of surfaces to be painted or powder coated to provide improved coating adherence and a reduction in the risk of lateral corrosion developing under organic coating.

Industrial Protective Coating

  • Protection against Corrosion: For protection against atmospheric corrosion, lightweight coatings may be employed to give temporary protection during storage and between production stages.
  • Anti-wear Coating: Phosphate coatings can be used as efficient lubricant carriers to provide resistance to wear, scuffing and to aid running-in on rotating and sliding surfaces.
  • Production Aid: Phosphate coating can act, either on their own or by carrying a suitable lubricant as a production aid in cold metal working operations such as cold forming, wire drawing etc. In these circumstances the phosphate coating is applied to the raw material rather than to the finished article.


Manganese Phosphate

Manganese Phosphate coating is majorly done on aerospace and automobile components that work under heavy loads and at high temperature.

Zinc Phosphate

Zinc Phosphate coating serves various applications based on the range of phosphating done. It can be used at a pre-treatment stage before painting and powder coating on metal parts. It can also be utilised as a lubricant carrier for cold forming operations such as tube drawing.

Iron Phosphate:

Iron Phosphate coating helps in providing an effective surface which offers good paint and powder coating adhesion. Good Corrosion resistance under the paint is also obtained.

Growel offers plants for Zinc, Iron and Manganese Phosphating with Rack and Barrel arrangement and with a suitable sludge separation system.

Growel has, to its credit, supplied such plants to more than 30 companies in India and abroad

Growel Manufactures the following Phosphating Plants:


These types of plants are used to electroplate large and complex components.


Barrel plating offers a cost-effective means of plating high volumes of small components.


These are designed for high speed operations specifically for plating of strips, wires, & tubes.

We provide optimum cost of ownership with Quality and Performance