Growel Conceptualises, Designs, Manufactures, and Installs Pickling Plants as on a turnkey basis. 

Pickling is a process of removal of scales and oxides from the surface of steel using acids, before further processes such as cold rolling, drawing, or forming are carried out. After hot rolling, when steel is cooling, the oxygen in the atmosphere reacts with the iron to form Scale.

Scale is very brittle and hard in nature and is difficult to remove from the surface. Steel pickling is the most preferred method to eliminate Scales in Steel production.


Pickling process in majorly employed in the steel production industry to treat Wire Rods, Sheets, Tubes and Bars for further working i.e., cold rolling, drawing, or forming.

Steel after the Pickling process exhibits the following advantages:

  • Improves Surface finish of the final product.
  • Eliminates surface irregularities.
  • Extends die life.

Growel’s Turnkey Pickling Solutions provide a complete system from Tanks, Transport Wagon to all auxiliary equipments.


Picking can be done using two acids:

Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric acid dissolves the scales and the oxides formed on the steel surface without significantly attacking the steel itself. Hydrochloric acid is used for its ability to clean the surface in a shorter amount of time and since lower concentration of acid is required it is less expensive.

Sulfuric Acid

Using sulfuric acid, the steel surface is dissolved under iron oxide, forming hydrogen bubbles which create requisite pressure to facilitate the removal of Scales. Sulphuric acid requires longer process time and higher concentration making it an expensive option.

Growel Manufactures the following Pickling Plants:


These types of plants are used to electroplate large and complex components.


These are designed for high speed operations specifically for plating of strips, wires, & tubes.

We provide optimum cost of ownership with Quality and Performance