Growel designs, manufactures, supplies, and erects recovery systems for a range of industrial waste water. Our systems include ultra-filtration (UF) and reverse osmosis plant (RO) followed by zero liquid discharge plant consisting of an evaporation system post-ETP for recovery of water which can be reused back in the process or any other application.


Water recovery systems are used with a water recycling unit to extract the contaminated water and transfer it to the recycling system. This means that no water goes down the drain and there is no contamination from it.

Post ETP treatment, includes UF, RO and Evaporation system (Zero Liquid discharge) and can be defined broadly as a process for maximum recovery of water from wastewater.

The Plating, Power, textile, food, fertilizer, Oil & Gas, mining, and many other industries generate large volume of waste that must be managed by technology of zero liquid discharge.



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Water treatment plant

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Water treatment plant

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